Womens Trench Parka Leather Jacket: Black

    Womens Trench Parka Leather Jacket: Black

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    • Premium Nappa Lamb Leather
    • Trench Parka Jacket
    • Adjustable Hood 
    • Adjustable Waistband 
    • Rain Proof
    • Wind Proof
    • Multi Pockets
    • Tailored Sleeves 
    • Zip and Buttoned Fastening

    This Trench Parka Jacket, is a truly magnificent style, enhanced by it's composition of high quality, supple Nappa Leather! It offers optimal functional properties, for year round wearing! Features an adjustable hood, and waistband for added warmth, and rain protection, however unpredictable the weather may be. Practical multi pockets, with tailored sleeves, and both zipped and button fastening for a snug fit! For a Leather Jacket that will serve you well in any condition, look no further!


    All our Leather, Suede and Sheepskin products come pre-protected. We recommend regular application of foam protection, and/or protective spray for care an longevity. In the event, you wish to have your product cleaned, please take it to a Leather/Sheepskin specialist only.