Mens Classic 3/4 Sheepskin Duffle Coat: Brown

    Mens Classic 3/4 Sheepskin Duffle Coat: Brown

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    • Premium Sheepskin
    • Nappa Leather Finish
    • Windproof
    • Rain Resistant
    • 3/4 Length
    • External Patch Pockets 
    • Zipped and Toggles 
    • Removable Hood 
    • Sleeves Can Be Rolled Up

    The beloved Duffle Coat ranks highly as a treasured British Classic. It's appeal and influence spread through Europe during 1850s, and soon after was recognized by the British Royal Navy for it's functional, sturdy design. So much so that, it was rewarded to the Royal Navy as uniform, which extended throughout World War 1, and World War 2!

    The Sheepskin Duffle coat has been tailored to perfection, adopting timeless designs, with premium quality Sheepskin. Features 3/4 Length for elegance, and added warmth. Both Zipped and Toggles fastening, offering a snug fit. Hood is removable to add versatility to your look! A style transcending fashion, and functional outerwear. A perfect winter's staple for every wardrobe!


    All our Leather, Suede and Sheepskin products come pre-protected. We recommend regular application of foam protection, and/or protective spray for care an longevity. In the event, you wish to have your product cleaned, please take it to a Leather/Sheepskin specialist only.