Mens B3 Aviator Pilot Sheepskin Jacket: Brown/Cream

    Mens B3 Aviator Pilot Sheepskin Jacket: Brown/Cream

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    • Premium Double Faced Sheepskin 
    • Collar Buckle Fastening 
    • 2 External Hand Warmer Pockets
    • Heavy Duty Brass Zips
    • Adjustable Buckle on the Waist

    The iconic B3 Aviator Pilot Jacket, needs no introduction the world over! Created in 1937 to insulate pilots, in extremely cold condition, with high altitudes during WW1 and WW2! The ingenious concept of utilizing the most insulating skin that exists - Shearling Sheepskin, with expert craftsmanship could only bring this style into reality! The Double Faced Shearling Sheepskin, is unrivalled in quality for a lifelong service, with immense durability! The collar may be lifted upright and buckled in for added warmth. Adjustable waist buckle for the perfect fit! There is no better Jacket to keep you warm this winter, invest in your iconic piece now!


    All our Leather, Suede and Sheepskin products come pre-protected. We recommend regular application of foam protection, and/or protective spray for care an longevity. In the event, you wish to have your product cleaned, please take it to a Leather/Sheepskin specialist only.