About Us - Riverdale Sheepskin

Who are we?

Riverdale Sheepskin is a British based company that specializes in the production and supply of the finest Leather and Sheepskin Fashion. The company and it's valued members long existed before the official inception in 2020.

Riverdale Sheepskin built a impenetrable network of manufacturing and supply across the globe spanning three glorious decades - With gratitude to it's trusted Partners, and loyal Client base. The production often found in the UK High Street, with Branded labels is meticulously executed from the start.

The fine-tuned process begins here in the UK, with our creative design team. After design conceptualization, and approval, the finest Sheepskin, and Leather skins are sourced from the UK, Turkey, The Americas, & South Asia by way of ethical, and established tanneries. These Skins are quality tested before being allocated to a manufacturing plant. 

All the production is conducted in presence of our Master Craftsmen, for perfect craftsmanship!

What we can do for You?

The designs, and styles are bought back here to the UK, for the joy for all to wear and experience. This miraculous journey is etched within the fabric of the garment. We pride ourselves on delivering you the best we have to offer and we hope to serve you and future generations for many years to come.

Join us!

We want you to join us on this incredible adventure, by becoming a part of the Riverdale Sheepskin family. Your ideas, messages, queries will add great value to us!